Millennial Developments Corporation offers a unique opportunity for investors to make real estate investment part of their financial portfolio. Funds raised are used towards capital expenditures for projects in some of British Columbia’s best real estate markets for return on investment. Capital expenditures will include acquisition, construction and monthly carrying costs on individual development projects identified by the Company and agreed upon by the investor.

The investment structure is based on limit partnership units, allowing investors to benefit from real estate investing without the responsibility of full ownership. Each development project will have its own dedicated Limited Partnership structure and the Company, or an affiliate, will operate as the General Partner in such agreements.

Always putting transparency first, prior to investing in limited partnership units, potential investors will be provided an Offering Memorandum, a full package for their review which outlines a particular project including property photos, budgets, sales comparables, market feasibility studies, project timelines and milestones, MLS listings (if available), and a disposition strategy based on current market activity.

Through this secured real estate development investment strategy, investors can anticipate receiving their invested capital plus a preferred targeted annual return upon the successful sale of the residential units within the project, or as outlined in the project’s loan agreement. In addition, any equity stake negotiated prior to purchasing investment units will be released at an agreed upon time. Some investment structures may also allow investors to use their investment towards a preferential purchase of the real estate product.

Working together, Millennial Developments and investors can build new opportunities in British Columbia real estate investment and open new doors to homeowners. Learn more about this exciting approach to adding secure and accessible real estate investing into your portfolio.

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Disclaimer: Investment participation will be open only to eligible investors who qualify as accredited investors as defined by National Instrument 45-106. Parties interested in participating in investment with the company should consult with their own independent financial, legal and tax advisers to determine whether opportunities are suitable for them.

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